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‘Illusion of Proximity’

Remote team trust-building game

How might we facilitate social interactions that enable trust and teambuilding for increasing  well-being and performance in globally displaced teams?



  • Purpose & Objectives: To create a social protocol in the  organisation that can close some of the gaps virtual  collaborations come with

  • Methodology: A social innovation game based on creating a  space for informal exchanges that occur naturally in a  physical working environment. Using a template game for  opening and/or closing virtual meetings through a check-in  and check-out exercise (Lotte Darsø, 2011). Building up trust  in a team is a process of progression and change, which  cannot be installed with immediate results. Making a habit of  the activity as a social protocol is key for producing an  outcome in the organisation.

  • Experiences (strengths and weaknesses): Players  appreciate the pre-fixed conversation or reflection starters. The  visual interactive game scenario is effective in creating a playful  atmosphere that eases the pressure for the participants. The  check-in exercise requires a space of 2-3 minutes for each  individual to share a few words. For some companies, this might  place the exercise on the higher end of the scale of time they  wish to dedicate for team-building and social satisfaction among  their employees.



Participants: For 2-10 participants with a team leader or game  facilitator who controls and shares screen.

Download the facilitator guide HERE.



GAME – Keynote File

GAME – PowerPoint File

Facilitator`s Guide

Categories Sheet – Word File

Project Number: 600947-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA2-KA 

Project Duration: Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2021

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