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Gamified Ideation on Organizational Ambidexterity

This session centers on the current understandings of organizational ambidexterity and how to create a strong flow between existing business branches and new ones. We use a classic ideation technique (Lotus blossom) combined with game techniques for the core problems and challenges. By the end of the session facilitators will share how such insights can be used to conceptualize training game formats. The session is built on Erasmus+ Project: GAMIFY.

Gates, Gatekeepers & Keys in Innovation Processes

It builds on work done with Danske Bank and Kamstrup in the GAMIFY Project.  We engage participants in this gamified/role-playing session and metaphorical connect to their understanding of Gates (when and where), Gatekeepers (who), and Keys (what gets through and why) in innovation processes. The session is built on Erasmus+ Project: GAMIFY.

The Values-Based Innovation Management webinar.

Presentation, GAMIFY Webinar, October 2019. Download presentation here.

Compilation Remote Games

Download the games here.


Partners production

Sune Gudiksen and Jake Inlove
Ina Goller and John Bessant
UXBerlin Innovation Consulting
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Project Number: 600947-EPP-1-2018-1-DE-EPPKA2-KA 

Project Duration: Jan. 2019 - Dec. 2021