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Ecosystem Canvas
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Education

How Can we understand the value, dialogical relations and learning in Entrepreneurial Education Ecosystems?




  • Purpose & Objectives: The games enhance each player's understanding of four factors that research points to changing and moving entrepreneurial education ecosystems.


  • Methodology: The game is a dialogue game, played in 2-3 hours depending upon the number of players. 2-24 people can play it with peers or in small teams of 4-6 persons.


  • Experiences (strengths and weaknesses): The game's core is research-based and structured around a central framework. The game generates value at all levels at higher education institutions and can be played several times. The ecosystem is a method and a perspective for close collaboration with external partners and pushes the understanding in connection to learnings processes and the core of education.



SHIFT Barriers is a physical floor game, so it’s important you stand up, get comfy, as it helps you to be open and alert in discussions. Have fun, roleplay, innovate!


  • Group size: 5-20 participants. Each group has 5-7 participants, but three groups can play at the same time, if the room allows for enough distance between the shift bricks.


  • Duration: The game can last between 45 and 75 min. depending on how many stages the participants will go through. With 45 min participants get to turn 4 SHIFT Barrier bricks. With 90 min participants will play through around 8 SHIFT Barrier bricks.


Download the guide HERE.

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