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Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This book introduces an exciting, still nascent superpower: One that enables a person to use, repurpose and create games that will help solve the great societal and organisational challenges companies, startups and public institutions are dealing with - games that actually drive innovation, engage stakeholders and facilitate experimentation. We empower innovators and entrepreneurs by building on insights gathered in the gamification of innovation at leading European firms and leveraging knowledge from over 150 experts in the fields of gamification and innovation management. We are introducing a design approach that enables everyone concerned with innovation to create their own games based on state of the art of academic and practitioner knowledge. We hope this approach will convey a new understanding of games and gamification and provide the means to put it into practise. Several easily customizable games and gamified interaction formats, collections of patterns, and educational materials for training and coaching should help you to do so.


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