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Play-based intrapreneurship:Challenging innovation processes and underlying cultural understanding

It is often stated that fresh and new perspectives from outsiders can challenge existing practises and routines - setting up the conditions for this is highlighted as one of the most important drivers for innovation as well as driving a deliberate disruption of practises. In nowadays market, well-established companies are currently struggling to secure profits, mainly due to the pressure from new communication technology-based business models and competitors coming in from unforeseen areas. This study investigates how students can play a role as outside-in facilitators to foster novel perspectives on existing practices and current innovation processes using play and game-based innovation methods. Through a number of student-industry collaboration cases, this study contributes with a new course approach on how to arrange student-industry collaborations in which students apply play and game-based methods as a way for companies to keep challenging assumptions and elicit surprise framings in innovation processes.

Read the full paper here.


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