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Design Patterns to Teach and Learn About Gamification for Innovation

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Games and gamified formats are increasingly adopted as means for imparting knowledge and addressing challenges in the context of innovation. They can also be utilized to deal with didactic challenges, facilitate collaborative learning experiences and train innovation competences. However, a structured overview gamified formats and a didactic approach to teach and learn about their utilization for innovation are missing. To address this gap, we draw from a literature analysis, 59 expert interviews and game design experiences within the GAMIFY Erasmus+ project to specify 36 reusable design patterns. These primarily address reoccurring challenges of developing innovation culture. The collection of patterns classifies existing knowledge and provides a resource for education and professional development. A game development blueprint provides a basic process for teachers, students and practitioners to utilize the patterns in order to create their own gamified formats for innovation.

Read the full paper here.


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